Hearty Sandwiches That Highlight The Flavors Of Fall

17 August 2018
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Cooler weather can make your tummy grumble, and the lighter fare of summer simply doesn't seem to satisfy. When the temperatures begin to dip, think about serving heartier foods that will keep you warm and full this fall. Sandwiches are comforting and can give you the protein and energy that you need to power through the day, and some fall flavors pair perfectly with your favorite fresh-baked bread.

Highlight the harvests and flavors of fall with these sandwich ideas.

Roasted Veggie Panini

Take advantage of the season with a roasted veggie panini on thick sliced sourdough; if you like, add a thick slice of a mild cheese, like gouda, before you put it on the grill. Preheat your oven and toss cleaned, cut vegetables like peppers, onions, zucchini, carrots, and whatever other veggies you have in your fridge, with oil and seasoning. Bake until the veggies are fork-tender and load your bread with these; serve with flavored olive oil for dipping.

Thanksgiving Sandwich

Nothing says fall like a roasted turkey; arrange thick-sliced turkey on soft potato bread and top with cranberry chutney. The flavor is comforting and will remind you of Thanksgiving. You can also make your own version with a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store and your favorite chutney, relish, or dressing.

Italian Roll

Another satisfying sandwich is to load spicy Italian cold cuts and pickled veggies on a Kaiser bun. Add a drizzle of olive oil or Italian salad dressing to taste. This is the perfect fare for a crowd; simply load platters with cold cuts and create a charcuterie board where guests can fix their own sandwich – just the way they like it!

French Baguette

Pick up a fresh French baguette, slice in half, and toast it lightly in your oven. When it is crispy, spread each side liberally with herbed goat cheese for fall flavor that makes the perfect light lunch or brunch snack. Add chopped tomato, a few spinach leaves, or a dollop of pesto for a flavorful and crunchy sandwich.

Stuffed Boule

Ask your baker for a round boule bread to create a stuffed-sandwich. First, you will need to carefully remove the top and pull out some of the bread to make room for your fillings. Stuff the empty bread with cheeses, diced poultry, cooked sausage, peppers, onions  whatever you like! Bake on a lined pan until the filling is hot and the cheese is bubbling.

Fill-up on the flavors of fall with these sandwich ideas. These are easy to adapt to a crowd, pot-luck, or picnic; visit bakeries and delicatessens in your area to find the best fillings for your family and friends this fall!