Seven Amazing Things To Do With Tea-Pods

11 August 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Tea-pods are available wherever you find your coffee pods or k-cups from, and are worth buying. Even if you are not an everyday tea drinker, the potential of these strongly-flavored, delicious pods is endless. Pick up a box of your favorite- from Earl Gray to Green ginseng- and brew up a cup today!

Impress your friends with these seven ways to serve up these tantalizing tea- pods:

  1. Put it on ice. You can't go wrong with a cold glass of fresh-brewed iced tea, and it is even better when you infuse it with fresh fruit or berries and agave nectar. First, brew your pod of tea in your Keurig or coffee maker, and then let it sit until it reaches room temperature. Add the fruit and chill; pour over ice to serve.
  2. Concoct a cocktail. Use your tea-pod to make a tasty Thai cocktail. Brew your tea and allow to cool before adding to a glass of ice. Add a couple tablespoons of coconut milk and sweetened condensed milk to taste. Finish with a shot of coconut rum.
  3. Whip-up a dessert. Add cooled black or green tea to heavy cream for your favorite dessert. For instance, infuse heavy cream with a couple tablespoons of green tea and use as the base for a delicious crème brulee or infuse whole-milk for a tasty homemade egg custard.
  4. Create a tea-latte. Change up your usual chai tea with a tea latte! Chill your brewed tea-pod and pour over ice. Add almond milk agave, and more ice; shake very well. Pour this into your glass of tea and enjoy.
  5. Marinate meat. Did you know that you can marinate meat in brewed tea? Make sure that the tea is cooled before marinating beef, pork, chicken, and lamb in green or black brewed tea.
  6. Serve it spa-style. Serve your tea-pod spa-style by adding the pulp and juice of a cucumber and a lime to a chilled pitcher of brewed green tea; this may require three-to-four tea-pods depending on the size of your pitcher. Serve very cold for a refreshing and hydrating treat.
  7. Quench your thirst with bubble tea. Taiwanese bubble tea is very trendy right now and you can make your own by brewing tea, cooling it down, and adding a few basic ingredients. Add sugar, milk, and fruit juice to taste, and large tapioca pearls for the same popular beverage at home.

Try these serving suggestions for a strong cup of tea today! Pick up a box from your usual k-cup source, and impress family and friends with a cup of goodness, served in a special way! Tea is good for you and has proven health benefits, so drink up!

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