7 Tips For Making Healthy Choices At A Mediterranean Restaurant

5 October 2017
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog

Mediterranean cuisine is generally regarded as one of the healthiest options. The foods are typically prepared using olive oil, which is a healthy alternative to other fats. However, there are some foods that are high in sodium, fats, and calories. If you are planning to dine at a Mediterranean restaurant, here are some tips for ordering healthy.

  1. Order a mezze platter for an appetizer. One way to cut down on calories is to order a mezze platter, which features an assortment of healthy foods. A traditional platter includes hummus, tzatziki, a Greek salad, and other low-fat dips.
  2. Request that half your meal is boxed. Asking the waiter to box half of your food before you receive your order helps to avoid overeating. You can take the boxed portion home and eat it for lunch or dinner the next day.
  3. Ask for the fish. A grilled or roasted fish is a delicious alternative to lamb and beef. You also get more out of the fish. Instead of limiting yourself to a small portion like you would have to with lamb or beef, you could opt for a whole fish since it is a far lighter option.
  4. Cut back on the falafel. Ideally, you should say no to the falafel since is basically deep-fried chickpeas. However, if you want to include it in your meal, ask the waiter to request that yours is fried in olive oil instead of another oil.
  5. Skip the Tirokafteri. Although Tirokafteri is one of the most popular dips available at Mediterranean restaurants, it is one of the worst additions you can make to your plate. The dip is feta cheese mixed with olive oil and it is high in saturated fats.
  6. Remember not all salads are not healthy options. Most people think that any dish with the word "salad" in it is healthy, but that is far from the truth. For instance, a gyro salad is loaded with fat. Pay attention to the nutrition information for the salads and try to pick a healthier option, such as a Greek salad.
  7. Pass on the Turkish coffee. A Mediterranean meal might not seem complete without a Turkish coffee to top it off, but all the good work you did to eat right could go down the drain with this choice. The coffee is pre-sweetened, which means you have no control over how much sugar is in it. Try a plain coffee instead.

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